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They were never meant to leave containment.

The war between darkness and light is upon us. Choose your sides and battle amongst each other to reign victorious over the Lucky Kingdom’s treasures.

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“Some things are worth going to war over; the Lucky Kingdoms treasure is one of them. “

– The spirit of the beckoning cat.

Promote to Earn

The Battle Maneki is going to be used for a P2E game so we want to give you the opportunity to start earning NOW! You can have a custom invite link generated so you can invite friends!

You will earn 22% (paid in ETH) of the public mint (.075 ETH) for everyone that uses your link to mint a Battle Maneki! Your reward will be sent to you after the mint is complete.   

Remember the people you are inviting could be your future teammates or opponents.  Invite your closest friends and some enemies you want to defeat on the Maneki Battle field.

To get your custom invite link, Join our Discord or use the link https://mint.battlemaneki.com/yourethaddress by replacing `yourethaddress` with your actual ETH address (non-ens). Example would look like this: mint.battlemaneki.com/0x6sh3571758Ebc099F0cb03583D9f234ghsd298

Battle Maneki

Battle Maneki are powered by Lucky Maneki NFT: A decentralized, autonomous organization that is a fully community-driven (with doxxed volunteers) project focused on delivering product suites covering the entire spectrum, from pay to play to earn games to licensing our intellectual property via high-end merchandise (liquor, clothing, etc.). All proceeds from initial sales or secondary sales goes to the community DAO to fund the project for further development!

Choose Your Side

The war between darkness and light is upon us.  The Battle Maneki Collection has come to life to compete for the Lucky Kingdom’s treasures.  This epic battle will take P2E gaming to a never before seen level: Metaverse integration, cross community integration and $CATNIP earnings.  Oh, and STL file ownership allows you to 3D print and have your warriors with you IRL to watch it all go down!

Ownership Benefits

You become a part owner of the Lucky Maneki DAO. Exclusive ownership of the IP rights to your Battle Maneki IP (intellectual property). Ownership of STL files of you Battle Maneki for 3D Printing.All Battle Maneki earn $CATNIP, the future utility token of the Lucky Maneki Community and the future P2E game. The first Dark Forces game character in the battle for the Lucky Kingdom’s Treasure.

How Funds Will Be Used

While most projects utilize there funds to pay their leadership, our project is different. We are community driven in every definition of the word and this means our budget is spent only on further developing our ecosystem. 100% of the revenue will be used to continue building, hiring, and expanding the ecosystem. We are not here to get rich and run off, we are here to fund the DAO in order to build what we are all wanting to build.


This is a journey for everyone involved.


 // Dark Forces Mint @ 2:22 PM PST //

5,000 Randomized 3D Aliens including Rare Animated 3D Aliens. These Aliens terrorized the original Lucky Maneki collection and have now been brought to life in stunning 3D! They have escaped confinement and hold the key to the entire kingdom, only by embracing the darkness, may you call in the light.


 // Dark Forces Reveal @ 3:33 PM PST //

Reveal which dark force you command and were you lucky enough to secure a Rare Animated 3D Alien Maneki. Start accruing $CATNIP.


 // More Forces Become Available + Strategy Game Development + $CATNIP Integration //

Before the Dark Forces get too powerful another EPIC Lucky Maneki shines a light as a beacon of hope. This Battle Maneki beckons good fortune to all who follow the light.


// More Forces Become Available + Strategy Game Alpha Launch + P2E + Lucky Maneki NFT Boosters //

As the kingdom grows, more forces come to battle. Our alpha version will release. Choose your Lucky Maneki cards wisely, they may be the key to victory.


// Expansion //

More forces become available, strategy game development continues with the release of the beta, metaverse expansion and cross community integration.


// Global Tournament of Champions //

The tournament of champions will coincide with our production release of the game. The final war, who will reign over the Lucky Kingdoms treasures?

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